kar kuffs steering wheel to automatic gear shift lock

Anti Theft Deterrent


KAR KUFFS patented steering wheel lock is a Unique heavy duty car steering wheel lock. It locks the steering wheel to the gear shift on both floor change and column change automatic gear shift, immobilizing the vehicle. *can be used on manual gear shift by simply glueing the gear knob in place

HIGH SECURITY brass barrel lets you lock the device without using a key and the design resists drilling and picking 

COMPACT DESIGN enables safe storage in the glove box while driving (so it doesn't become a flying missile in an accident)

KAR KUFFS are manufactured from hardened steel preventing easy sawing and cutting

Floor change

steering wheel lock to gear stick lock

Locks steering wheel to the gear stick on auto floor change 

Column change

steering wheel lock to column change gear stick lock

Extendable arms to fit column change gear shifts

Compact design

kar kuffs steering wheel lock folds up to safely store in glovebox

Folds up to safely store in glove box while driving